preparation of non-ferrous aluminum sulfate

    A wide range of applications without iron aluminum sulfate, used as paper sizing agent and drinking water, industrial water and wastewater treatment flocculants, etc., then for its preparation method we find out about it, if you do not know will look at it together.

    Iron extraction step is very troublesome, subject to various media conditions, structure, extraction solvent extraction system consisting of a variety of conditions, such as impact factors. Therefore, the application must be appropriate extraction method of research and analysis for specific circumstances, and should after a certain scale experiments can be applied in industry.

    After oxidation of aluminum sulfate solution was added a solution containing the sulfonated kerosene extraction 2608 twenty percent of N1923, you can obtain an aluminum sulfate solution, and then concentrated to a refined aluminum sulfate. The organic phase was added to dilute sulfuric acid to recover four countercurrent extraction with organic extractant primary amine extraction, for example, by primary amine N1923 and sulfonated kerosene in addition to the organic solvent extraction of iron, aluminum sulfate is white fine crystalline solid, after removal of iron mass fraction of iron oxide, aluminum sulfate can be reduced to very low operating.