The Functionality and Application of Iron-free Alu

The Functionality and Application of Iron-free Alu


Iron-free aluminum sulfate is a flocculant mainly used as paper-making sizing agent and drinking water, industrial water and waste-water treatment. It is also a raw material for the production of artificial gems and other aluminum salts such as ammonia alum, potassium alum, and refined aluminum sulfate. In addition, aluminum sulfate is also widely used in the production of high-quality clarifiers, petroleum deodorizing and decolorizing agents, concrete waterproofing agents, and titanium dioxide post-film processing and catalyst carrier production.

Functionality and usage of iron-free aluminum sulfate:

1. Iron-free aluminum sulfate can be used as a paper sizing agent in the paper industry to enhance the water resistance and impermeability of paper quality;

2. After dissolving in water, this product can agglomerate fine particles and natural colloidal particles in water into large flocs, which are then removed from the water, so it can be used as a coagulant for water supply and waste-water.

3. In addition, iron-free aluminum sulfate can also be used as a turbid water purifier, or as a precipitant, fixing agent, filler, etc. It can even be used as an antiperspirant cosmetic raw material (astringent) in cosmetics;

4. It can be combined with baking soda and foaming agent to form a foam fire extinguishing agent in the fire protection industry;

5. It can also be used as analytical reagent such as mordant, tanning agent, oil decolorizing agent, wood preservative;

6. Iron-free aluminum sulfate can be used as a stabilizer for albumin pasteurization (including liquid or frozen whole eggs, egg whites or egg yolks);

7. This product can be used as a raw material and used to make artificial gems, high-grade ammonium alum, and other aluminates;

8. It can be used as a precipitating agent in the production of chrome yellow and lake dyes in the fuel industry, and at the same time it can act as a fixation and filler.