The Transportation of Aluminum Sulfate

The Transportation of Aluminum Sulfate


The application of aluminum sulfate is more common now. In the process of operation, the appropriate operation mode will be selected, and the advantages in the use process is also growing.In order to use it better, let's check the transportation and packaging problems of industrial aluminum sulfate.

During the transportation of aluminum sulfate, the container shall not leaking, collapsing, falling and be damage. It is strictly forbidden to mix loading and transportation with oxidants and edible chemicals. During transportation, it should be protected from sun exposure, rain and high temperature. The vehicle should be cleaned after transportation. For packaging, the aluminum sulfate solid products shall be packed in plastic woven bags or plastic woven bags lined with polyethylene plastic film bags.

The inner bags shall be bound with ropes or sealed with other equivalent methods. The outer bags shall be firmly sutured without leakage or jumper. The net content of each bag is 50kg, which can also be packaged according to the specifications required by users. The liquid products shall be packed in 25kh plastic drums or in bulk. In bulk, FRP tank cars or special tankers, or cabins lined with epoxy resin or other similar materials can be used in bulk.

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