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How to use iron-aluminum sulfate is considered saf


    No iron aluminum sulfate , I think we have some understanding of it , then you know how to use iron- aluminum sulfate considered safe? Hurry and do not know Xiaobian together to learn about it !
    No iron aluminum sulfate is a polymer inorganic compounds , polymerization reaction has a certain role in chemicals on the human body there are certain dangers , if done incorrectly , it could be a major security incidents , because the production of polymer chemicals the amount is large , a small amount of reaction products is not likely to endanger or no harm, but when the number reaches a certain level , it is a qualitative change , explosion , toxic gas reactions and other hazards of social property .
    That factory in the production or use of non- iron aluminum sulfate time , whether as a treatment of aluminum sulfate or aluminum sulfate for paper making , must formulate certain normative systems , such polymer compounds on the human body , especially the eyes great harm , serious cause blindness , eating , then round the stomach to produce compounds react , to stimulate the body digestive organs . A small amount of aluminum sulfate is not explosive , but the heat will evaporate , producing toxic sulfide gas ; burning words will produce organic compounds decompose ; If a fire occurs, firefighters must wear fire protective body suits , fire in the wind . Possible to move containers from the scene empty Department during the fire. Aluminum sulphate leaked into contact with the human body , it should be immediately stripped of contaminated clothing, mobile water rinse ; doctor immediately rinse eyes with water or saline ; factory glass dust mask should be ready for emergency use when the accident occurred , personnel wearing dust mask ( full cover ) , wear protective clothing. Clean shovel collection in a dry , clean, covered containers, transferred to a safe place , preferably set up a special emergency response team to deal with emergencies.