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Chemical properties of aluminum sulfate


    If you often pay attention to our words, you will be very clear, what is the expertise of aluminum sulfate and some of the columns. Today, then, we followed the last presentation, take a look at the chemical properties of aluminum sulfate, do not know that you will not have an interest in it? Like it would work together to learn about it!
    Easily soluble in water, aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sulfuric acid can not be dissolved in the pure (only coexist), the sulfuric acid solution with sulfuric acid dissolved in water together, so that the solubility of aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate in water solubility in sulfuric acid.
    At room temperature to precipitate aluminum sulfate containing 18 molecules of water of crystallization, aluminum sulfate 18 water, mostly for the production of aluminum sulfate 18 water industry. Containing 51.3% of anhydrous aluminum sulfate, is not even 100 ℃ autolysis (self crystalline water-soluble).